In the beggining…


She was called Eman, …or Muna, …or Radwa, …or Amira, …or Maysa, …or Fatiha, …or Noura, …or Zahra, …or Rana, …or… she was just an arab woman.

Before meeting her I used to ignore most of everything about them. It was on a travelers  website that I found some beautiful female face beside a Saudi flag . It was obvious that she pic was that of a model, but still I got shocked by the simple fact of finding a Saudi woman interacting in the internet and willing to meet other people.

Ah, wait… a travelling Saudi woman?… what the… ?  There were many new ideas coming to my mind. Until then I had always thought that women were oppressed to the limit in the Kingdom of the Oil Gardens. Until then I thought they were uneducated. Illiterate. Confined at home and bred just to please older men and give them children once they reached puberty.  Also the fact of finding some Saudi girl showing up (under a fake profile pic, of course) as a traveller willing to meet other travellers from abroad was surprising. I imagined them educated to remain into their world, not opened to meeting others from abroad.

I asked myself how would she react if I sent a message…. and how would she see me through it… so I suggested her not to answer if that she was going to say was going to be less beautiful than silence… and that’s why it all started.

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