Revolution still has to go on. Egyptians will learn… just hope it’s before a civil war comes.


Attacks on opposition Egyptian journalists Mohamed Al-Shinawy.

Mohamed Al-Shinawy an Egyptian opposition journalist who works for Al-Masryoun newspaper was attacked by a group while he was going home. The group cut his hand tendons, stole his journalism ID card and left him bleeding.
Al-Shinawy is one of journalists who was earlier expected an opposition militias configure, equivalent to the Islamist militias like “Brotherhood 95”, “Jihadists” and “Takfer wa Higra” who support the current radical regime in Egypt.
Al-Shinawy’s expectations was converted from being such speculations to be reality represented in “black bloc” and “anarchists.” Who leaded violent acts during 2013 revolution anniversary against the Egyptian riot police, the Muslim brotherhood headquarters “Freedom and justice political party” and the governmental buildings.

One week ago the Salfi shaikh Mahmoud Shabaan came up with an advisory opinion which he allegedly it’s religiously rooted that “Killing of The National Salvation Front members and oppositions is allowed”

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