A Clear Way …. and maybe a too obvious one… except for Arabs?



(PIC: Spanish transition towards democracy… ALL the relevant political parties even minoritary ones, together with labour unions, demonstrating in favour of freedom, democracy and a Constitution that had basically equal space for them all.)

‘Renounce Violence’: A Clear Way for Egypt’s Parties | mideastposts.com.

Our transition in Spain was for sure conditioned by the civil war we suffered between 1936 and 1939… it was necessary to kill each other mercilessly for 3 years, and live later under an also merciless dictatorship for other 40 more, to make spaniards understand the value of consensus and respect… From the death of Franco till the first democratic elections, we spent 3 years legalising political parties, building a long-lasting constitution that covered all political grounds and left space for everyone setting common limits and rights for every political option… too much asking for arabs? :-/

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