The struggle keeps on. Not just abt women’s driving rights… also abt religious discrimination and sectarian clashes among muslims themselves, not only in KSA but also in places like Syria, where ppl starts kicking away their non-sunni neighbours accused of supporting Assad. It’s a bit like 16th century in Europe, with catholics (like myself) against protestants… 30 years of wars and centuries of separation. So we can give an experienced advise to saudis and muslims and mankind in general… DON’T GET INTO THAT CRAP. Faith is smthg personal that just affects each one of us personally and it’s a business between God and us individually. Just behave urself as you should…. and start not taking God’s job, judging and condemning other’s souls. Really guys… what other people out of u and ur family do… IT’S NAY YER BIZ!

Btw… most ppl out of shi’a (and specially westerns, who ignore most of islamic culture out of the distorted media views) don’t have a clue abt what shiism (and sunnism, sufism, malikkism, ahmadism, ismailism, alawism…) really is, out of the description abt the divergences in following Ali or not, etc…

I mean…. I’ve heard real stupidities that I’m not going to reproduce from gulfian sunnis abt their shi’a neighbours. This happened specially in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and this is smthg that tells me hat politics are involved, as far as Iran seems to take the role of dominant power aiming to expand its influence. It would be great for us all to know a bit more abt what their daily life is, because my opinion is that WE ARE BASICALLY HUMAN UNTIL WE PRETEND TO BE SOMETHING ELSE, hence, we share more than we imagine in many aspects, and belonging to a same culture is many times above religious differences. Any volunteer?

Omaima Al Najjar


After I was inspired by Manal Al Shirf campaign I asked my brother to teach me how to drive. Back then I was living in Riyadh city. Our teaching sessions have always started on Friday or Thursday mornings that’s when the streets are less busy. After making a good progress my brother started letting me drive to my hometown, the Eastern province, which is about 450 kms away. After we pass the check points we would swap the seats and I would sit behind the wheels and drive. I traveled to China but I came back to Saudi to visit my family 5 weeks ago and I wanted to continue learning.

Every time I drive my brother would sit next to me to give me instructions. I have been driving in the streets of Al Khobar for the last 5 weeks and I never had a problem. I even once…

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