What Is Egypt??? …what a headliner is that???


What Is Egypt? – By Steven A. Cook | Foreign Policy.

but now … that’s a good question… appliable from US eyes for all Mid East area?

And this is a too american point of view… the kind of article one reads from a distance here in EU, believe it or not, my arab fellows… even not being really sure this should be the way to let things happen.

Letting the western relations with our southern neighbours in hands of the US keeps being a risky choice, even being cheaper politically and economically, because We rarely get involved, but when we do, things happen differently than when americans take charge. Not always better, but different. We prefer to avoid invasions, …or it’s just that we can’t afford them, maybe?

I liked the way France did things in Mali, far better than US did in Somalia, and far cheaper… for example…

Now… did americans really learnt wtf is Somalia?…. and Iraq?… what is Egypt, again?… duh… that keeps being a good question I did to myself getting out of cairo in Aug. 2008… what was that land I ws leaving? My inner feeling was that I was leaving a place about to explode, but any good perspective appeared at sight. Ah, Misr, Misr….

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