A rare bird… with a nice singing,… IMHO.

Let’s imagine that no one had started an armed response to the Partition Plan by the UN in 1948… nor later. Let’s imagine that Israel and Palestine had started separated growing processes, surely not exempt of frictions,…


Arab Spring and the Israeli enemy | ArabNews.

but… why not… after a while and knowing both peoples, a time full of chances for business… trade… why not common developments in watering and infrastructures… and both sides agreeing in pushing radicals aside on the political life.

Naive?… Crazy?…. Irreal?…. Impossible?… Stupid?… just let’s check what has become for both nations after a too long time following voices different than that of Mr. Al-Mulheem.

Specially in Mr. Al-Mulheem’s country and its whole surrounding region, although nowadays I’d share the responsibility on both sides. Same as was said before in that article from Haaretz I posted… it’s mostly rulers and guides and chieftains who made all this happen. Ben Gurion knew perfectly that every time they were attacked they would have an excuse to conquer and expand, he stated that clearly: “We accepted the UN resolution, but the Arabs did not. They are preparing to make war on us. If we defeat them and capture western Galilee or territory on both sides of the road to Jerusalem, these areas will become part of the state. Why should we obligate ourselves to accept boundaries that in any case the Arabs don’t accept?”

Arabs were playing in favour of this strategy for decades… maybe now they have noticed about the big failure… and they are displacing to a much more practical and intelligent approach but… Israel would prefer they keep the same rabid intolerant opposition to the state of Israel and will do everything needed to stretch the statu quo to the limit, in an exercise of political chess and obvious cinism for the best sake of realpolitik. They played for decades the game of the moral strength and the liberal values. Now they have mostly lost it, and they will use (even more) simple military strength. To the limit.

In my opinion (and many others too)… the only chance for palestinians, or for israeli arabs, is to use peaceful massive protest. thousands and thousands of unarmed people asking for the logical. Not for the whole thing. Just for the logical. And nothing else.

It will bring out a Tian-an-men … or a Tahrir Square. In both cases they will win. Simple and smart, and an act of courage.

Not a typically arab way, I guess. There’s no place for heroic sacrifice facing an enemy. No place for hitting before being hit, etc… and it’s smthg that makes useless a whole bunch of beardies and hamases and hizbullahs … yeah…too much dreaming.

2 thoughts on “A rare bird… with a nice singing,… IMHO.

  1. I agree. A peaceful but mass protest is required. If 1 million people marched peacefully to Jerusalem it would go a long way to achieve their objectives. Of course several hundred may get killed in the process but there would quickly come a point when even trigger happy IDF soldiers would stop especially if were televised live around the world. I have long wondered why this approach goes untested.

    • It goes against a long tradition of courage, fight, combat, stand against your enemies, etc… It’s smthg one must reject if he has to appear as a warrior of Salahaddin to his people. And same happens for israelis. They seem to forget that it was necessary to appear as victims, to make us agree in acceeding to their right to settle in that part of the globe. Time will tell.

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