I’ve got 3 or 4 guthras (shemaghs, keffiyehs,…) at home , a Palestine made, a jordan burgundy and a white saudi. Also one of those I’ve seen lately in the neck of the syrian rebels, combining black or orange with white and brown. I liked to wear them as a neck scarf here in Spain, of course, and I wore it in Egypt, in a style that at the time was disliked for locals as 2non-traditional” and even “offensive to our ways”, as I was told.


I can guess that for many westerns it’s still a mistery why gulfians dress up as in the midle ages (how many times I have heard this sentence?), but well… many things are there like in middle ages, and dressing according to their own way is not one of the bad ones, in my opinion.

For sure, here in Spain I’d never wear a headscarf, out of the Moors and Christians Festival, here in my hometown. But if I could travel to the gulf I’d learn how o wear it properly (many people told me before I’d look a bit like syrian or jordanian, so…)

From the selection on this post I’d take the butterfly and the student’s look. and yeah, also the X-man,… for me the most interesting, as far as it takes you to the desert just looking at it. yep… I don’t want to get more complaints about my profile pic! 😀

Saudi Jeans

Although the header of this blog shows my picture in a thobe and ghotra, those who know me know that I don’t wear them very often. And whenever I wear the ghotra, which is usually in a wedding or similar occasions, I face the dilemma of how to wear it. Unlike the necktie, where you are limited to a few choices when it comes to how to tie one and there are guidelines and tutorials on how to do it, there are so many different ways to wear the ghotra and there is no such thing as The Ultimate Ghotra Wearing Guide. However, last week I received an email that showed two dozens styles of ghotra wearing, and I thought I would share some of them here…

Very simple. Just throw one end of the ghotra on the opposite shoulder and you are good to go.



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