Of Terra Incognita and other misteries of the Universe.

“(…)So far so good, Mr. President. Great speech, but what next? The visit has offered nothing new on the programmatic side, no plan for going forward. My hunch is that Obama knows that putting Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas back in a room together will achieve nothing, and that he is in no great hurry or places no great faith in those talks. Obama will also be very aware that while Netanyahu repeated his two-state message in their press conference, he nonetheless did not incorporate that language or anything approximating it in the coalition guidelines and agreements for his new government. Less than half of Netanyahu’s cabinet is on record supporting a two-state deal, and many coalition ministers, deputy ministers, and Knesset members openly advocate the annexation of the West Bank. Obama presumably also knows that making one speech and then hoping that the Israeli public will do the rest of the work is not serious.(…)”

via Nice Speech, Mr. President – By Daniel Levy | Foreign Policy.

obamacartoonTerra Incognita was the name given in old maps to all those parts of our globe that we knew that were there,… but no one had ever explored to tell us how they were. Same happens with this will for peace and justice… we all know that there MUST be a solution,… a fair solution… simply any of us knows exactly how it will look like…. even those who draw the maps of global geo-political future.

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