Iran’s own Women’s Day

“(…)Upon her arrival to the village, she was promptly killed when strangled with ropes around her neck.

Zaferan’s family is in possession of a firearm licensed by the Islamic Republic to confront Kurdish rebels in the region. Reportedly, the villagers felt unable to intervene as Zaferan’s family had threatened to shoot anyone who tried to prevent the killing.

According to Firat News, the Islamic burial rituals were never held for Zaferan, instead her corpse was buried, without bathing and shrouding in a disrespectful, disgraceful and immoral manner. In addition, there was no funeral service held for her.

As until today there has been no official investigation into her murder. More disturbingly, it is widely suspected that due to Zaferan’s family’s close ties with the IRI officials in the province, her death will not be investigated further.(…)” …

via Iranian woman killed by her family on Women’s Day – Your Middle East.


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