Womanizing for Jihad?

Unlike previous conversations, including one in early March in which he said, “I am a Muslim,” Harroun on March 15 provided conflicting answers about how he found Islam. At one point, he cited a sixth-grade report and having “studied the Middle East in general” as the basis for his ongoing interest in Islam.

Judging by his conversations with us, Harroun doesn’t appear to strictly follow the tenets of his faith. While observant Muslims tend to shun alcohol, Harroun appears to enjoy drinking. A lot.

Alcohol and women came up in the majority of our conversations with Harroun. He stated openly that he drinks beer. While talking to us from what he said was a disco in Turkey, Harroun wrote he was “trying to bang some Turkish girl right now lol.” He then referenced the eighth-century Abbasid ruler Harroun al-Rashid, explaining that he was “a Caliph of Baghdad and a womanizer.” On another occasion he lauded the pleasures of Istanbul as “good beer and nice women.”

Harroun said he was “content” with his religious observance as a Muslim. Asked if his Syrian rebel comrades know that he drinks, he answered that they did and that their reaction was “haram haram [forbidden] blah blah.” …

The Jihadist from Phoenix – By Ilan Ben Zion and Greg Tepper

 Foreign Policy.


…WHAT TO SAY… ROCK’N’ROLL? IT’S SIMPLY NOT SERIOUS AS TO APPEAR IN FP… Another adventurer, craving for action and sending home pics of himm with russian AK’s and RPG’s besides the bad guys… and messing up where he should not. If I were him I’d take care of that throat.

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