When rivers are troubled, it’s all gain for fishermen.

This has been happening since always, and will be hard to stop it. If at least people had been trained at schools to valuate their heritage!

… but no… I guess they are now at risk of being trained in turning all those devilish idols and its related memory into dust.

…hey, hold on… why not?…. maybe this lucrative activity can be a terrible thing for archaeologists and history lovers like me… but also…. it may become the major obstacle for the country to instaurate salafi positions shitting about Egypts splendorous pagan society.

If not, we can always remember Bami-Yan, or the destiny of many alexandrian sites in Afghanistan, to guess what would it be to make people forget about their heritage and its value… in any case….

BBC News – Egypt revolution brings golden age for tomb raiders.


Where’s Damietta Jones when the world needs him? … ah… we need him back on track barking orders to everyone! the world does!… the universal order and stability does!





(Regardless of possible abuses of power and corruption, the fact remains that Dr. Zahi Hawass is now an unavoidable face of Ancient Egypt and has helped bring this (previously uninteresting and decidedly not glamorous) field of study into popular culture. Because of him and his work, many people no longer think of archaeological digs and boring and dusty, rather highly interesting, especially when presented in an hour long format (with commercials!). One can only hope that, once all of the dust settles in Egypt, it will again become a place that people want to visit, and Dr. Hawass will likely be right barking on the front lines of that effort.)

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