Who is the worst enemy for an arab? In my opinion… an arab.

“I don’t give a damn if Assad is still there,… I just want to get back”

Syria’s women refugees fear sham marriages and rape – YouTube.


What the hell of a social system is that which they perpetuate?… what a level of humiliation will they reach? Where’s their minimal sense of dignity?

Truly I tell you… never met anyone able to mistreat an arab as badly as another arab, because they twist their intentions to a level than any western will ever be able to do.  Simply because he’s not “one of us” who can take advantage of it.

I talk about men from the Gulf Countries, but also from Jordan, Lebanon, Lybia, Turkey, or even Syrians themselves, tribal men who are used to constantly abuse the weak social position of women for their own interests, and are looking for cheap young flesh to share their beds and homes.

They pressure Syrian female refugees for marriage, in a way that is closer to a cattle sale or a cheap “arab horse”  fair than a question of “protecting honor and virtue” for the girls and their families.

News of kidnaps, rapes, dowry sales, and forced marriages, (taking advantage of the desperate situation of broken family groups, made of mothers, daughters and sons, without men and without means) are escalating, and most surely not being avoided by Jordanian policemen, surely tribesmen themselves,  who are aware of what happened with palestinian refugees and don’t want to make syrians feel comfortable for a long term… at all.

Just in case.

If good will, chivalry and some tricky sense of charity was the true motive for marriage seekers, why didn’t they protect equally “the honour” of so many women and girls from Somalia? Sudan? Darfur? Iraq? Afghanistan? Pakistan? the Myanmarese Rohingyas?…

If their motives were merely humanitarian, they should improve Syrian‘s life conditions and help in fixing the Syrian struggle, to allow Syrians to get back home, making it plausible for YOUNG SYRIAN MEN to offer these women a consented and fair marriage, as far as actual situation and surely future conditions will make it hard for them to be able to grow a family.

Charity is when you give freely, not asking for anything. If you don’t do it this way, it can be called usury, egoism, profit, … or merely hipocresy.

What to say? There re not letting me many options.

Shame on you…

Specially for those of age.

You are not worth of being called men.

May God curse your fate and the seed of all of you,  whose brain grew between yer tights… Amen

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