Bassem Youssef: The prosecutor-general’s office wanted to investigate two charges against him: ‘insulting Islam’ and ‘insulting the president’.

“Almost a year ago, Egyptians went to the polls for their first free presidential election — the first round delivered what was a nightmare of a result. A representative of the former regime, Ahmad Shafiq, which did nothing but signify a return to the status quo that existed during Hosni Mubarak – and a representative of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organisation that had shown little commitment to the Egyptian revolution, save as an opportunity to gain power. The day those results came out, I was in Bassem’s office. Many of his team were simply stunned at the result. Bassem, on the other hand, just expressed slight surprise — at all of us. As far as he was concerned, the result just meant one thing — that they’d have a lot of material for political satire. And the revolution would go on.

That’s Bassem.”

Bassem Youssef : A Valuable Egyptian Voice That Will Not Be Silenced.


I discovered this guy while living in Canada, obviously in J0hn Steward’s program, and I truly liked him. He absolutely dominated the situaion and I am pretty sure that he was  able to change the view that many “‘mericns” had abt egyptians… I wish him the best…. and also strength to keep egyptian smiles at work!

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