“You know what’s nice about the future? You get to wish anything you want!”

After spending a few days around Cairo the reality sinks in: Egypt is at a dangerously boiling point only waiting for a major explosion to occur, and its people are on edge. We’ve seen the danger and insecurity in the streets where knife-wielding gangs break into groups. The outcome can be anything between intimidation and threats until they’re paid off to leave or beating and even killing.

In other places, an intimidation of a different kind: Thousands of street vendors relentlessly and hopelessly pushing products to uninterested people.

via Egypt’s future in a brave little girl’s hands – Alarabiya.net English | Front Page.


It’s not the first time I find examples of how brave Cairo’s  street children (and specialy girls) are … The one I met was called Yasmine, or she said so… and was already not a girl anymore. Let’s hope she knows a better future than her past.

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