Egyptian Jews docu finally allowed for exhibition in Cairo. Many will discover that Judaism and zionism are not the same thing. Chance for nowadays Egyptians to remember what they lost. And maybe for Israelis to notice what they damaged… just maybe.

“Let’s be honest, national security in Egypt has a paranoia…they themselves have this notion that I’m trying to fight in the movie, where every Jew is an Israeli Zionist spy who’s working against the government,” Ramses said. “They’ve been raised into this paranoia. Cheap adventure novels, comic books, even history books in school orient you to this.”

via What happened to the Jews of Egypt? – By David Kenner | FP Passport.


(Yemeni Jew… early 20th C.)

Finally the movie about egyptian jews that I mentioned from an article in Haaretz could be screened (

Regarding the comment from the movie director, Amir Ramses, I would add that one could perfectly change on it the name “Egypt” for “Israel”, … and the analogy “jew= israeli zionist” for “muslim = Al-Qaeda terrorist” and u’ll have the same result, … or even more asfixiating. And same happened with the raising process, novels, comics, … and history books at school.

Zionism has created a land for jews. Well,…. a land for european jews in Middle East.

But Middle East’s own jews had to pay a huge price for it. Too huge.

Egyptians, Yemenis, Moroccan, Lebanese, Syrians, Iranis, Algerians, Iraqis, … all those lost a brilliant part of their population who had lived in relative good tems for centuries … because they swallowed the same fallacy… that judaism and zionism are equivalent terms.

By definition.

It’s maybe the biggest success of Israelis and zionism. To make it almost impossible for any arab jew to find a different home than the one they had created in Holy Land.

They seem to forget there are some jews called Sefardis. It’s for Sefarad, the name they used to call Spain, before being expulsed in 1492. Just they used that name. And just sefardis all over the globe keep XVth century  spanish  dialect in use (ladino)… as they keep the keys of many of their houses in Toledo, and other places… and my country was their promised land. And it would still be, 500 years later, if Israel had not existed.

…and zionists think that arab jews will forget? … I guess that’s as fallacious as imagining Palestinians forgetting where they come from and what they are.

Anyway… at least I am happy that egyptians had a chance to leave the clashes and the  street fights aside for a moment, and culturize themselves learning about those egyptians who were kicked away unfairly.

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