Why don’t men cover their faces? And I couldn’t find the answer…

I am at university… I see some people distributing a small religious book… “Temptations of a Woman”…Her hair… her feet… her eyes, and “thus, a woman must cover one of her eyes as both of them together are tempting”…I swear this is what I read in this book!… it’s as if there is nothing left in this world to talk about and scrutinize other than a woman and how she is a temptation…I decided to observe men’s looks…I wanted to know which women would attract men with her temptation… in front of me walks a woman wearing a tight Abaya (long black cover)… aha!.. I found her… she is an object of temptation… I continue watching… in front of me walks a woman with a baggy Abaya, however, with an uncovered face…the man stares at her… aha! So her face is also a temptation… a third woman walks in front of me… her face is covered and she is wearing a baggy Abaya from top to toe… the man is staring at her! Huh? I don’t understand… what is so tempting about a black Abaya? No eyes, no feet… What is this man staring at? At that moment I realized that clothing has nothing to do with it… men would stare on all occasions… however, he, with his broad shoulders and his hair, eyes and lips isn’t considered an object of temptation, even if all the women in the world started at him… he is a man…he shouldn’t hide in his home… no one calls him a jewel… at that moment I wished I wasn’t a jewel. I wished to be a free man…

And so the days went by…

via Why don’t men cover their faces? – Your Middle East.


(The exception among muslim standards: Tuaregs.  I know… they are not arabs, but still…) 

I share the same vision than the author. Not just about face covering, but also abt dressing standards based deeply in morals. There was a time in the west, until 19th century, when seeing a woman’s foot was sexier than enjoying the view of widely opened cleavages. Beauty standards change by years. It’s moral standards what matters in this case. I will never forget that Saudi family I saw once in Marbella, in southern Spain…. she was wearing abaya and niqab… all covered like a Holy Week penitent,…. trying to manage with her 4 or 5 kids… and he walking 2 or 3 metres beyond, opening the march alone, wearing his comfy white clothes…. baseball cap,…. polo shirt,…. shorts and sandals…. everything trendy and of course main brands… all I could ask myself was “Why?”… and I couldn’t find the answer.

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