Isn’t it about time for a draft law to protect children from abuse?

hmmm….. are we still asking this?… really? :-/

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Prof. Fawziah Al Bakr has had a long history in human rights activism. She is a professor of education at King Saud University. She is also a writer who spent three months in prison for her columns. You can read a translation of her article on gender apartheid here and you can follow her on Twitter here.

This is a translation of an article  written by Prof. Al Bakr published in Al Jazirah newspaper today.

It is no longer easy to read our local newspapers, now full of painful news, especially related to children, young orphans and disadvantaged minors and women. These are those most vulnerable in a society that tends to substantiate male superiority while perpetuating the weakness and subordination of women and children.

Prof. Fowzia Al BakrThe story of the little girl Lama that was sexually abused and murdered by her father, who is now in prison awaiting trial, and other…

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