Put Your Shirts Back On, Ladies – By Naheed Mustafa | Foreign Policy

Vladimir Putin being confronted by a topless Femen protester in Germany. She was protesting Russia’s anti-gay laws. See the look of sudden enlightenment on the Russian strongman’s face? He’s thinking, “Yes, this woman’s breasts have made me see the light. I now realize my comments and attitudes about gay people have been way off the mark. Gays are people too! End discrimination now! Change the law!”

via Put Your Shirts Back On, Ladies – By Naheed Mustafa | Foreign Policy.


(May this be an answer to a well respected blogger and whisky connoisseur’s POST)

I’m not saying that muslim activists have made a lot in protecting Amina’s case, or understanding her cause in order to offer an alternative reaction to that social standard. But I say that Femen’s way is simply absurd, simplist and plain stupid. Not for the reasons, but for the ways. All they do is calling attention. But on what?

As we say in spanish….. “mucho ruido y pocas nueces”.

One thought on “Put Your Shirts Back On, Ladies – By Naheed Mustafa | Foreign Policy

  1. Haha I really like this. (Sorry, I only just saw this post!) As it happens I entirely agree with the sentiment expressed in this. The only reason I might have supported FEMEN was to make a mockery of the people who attacked this Amina girl – much like how I would support Burka-wearing women outside of, I don’t know, a militant atheist compound if it existed. I’m not making the point very well – but you see what I mean. The trouble was that as FEMEN became a mass movement, it polarised the issue – inevitably undermining much of the hard work that feminists had been doing in Tunisia itself.

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