In Syria, religion Sacrifice out of history books

2 years ago. People surprises of wolves saying they are wolves and behaving as wolves?… now? C’mon…. we can’t blame them for being what they are.

It’s us, the spectators, to blame for not preventing it looking away.

Rest in peace… him and many more.

Levant woman

ImageI was reading about the “Sacrifice” in different religions, and I was horrified when I read about some ancient civilizations who sacrificed one of their citizens yearly to the god of sun or fire or whatever they worshiped.  I watched some pictures and had some doubts that maybe we can’t understand what was going on there at that time and maybe it’s not a sacrifice, maybe it is .. but still freezes me the vision of myself being sacrificed, led through the stairs of the temple to be slayed while everybody is watching me and praising the god.

Then I just thought, what will we leave for future anthropologists and archaeologists  for their

researches to study and explore our current era, here particularly in Syria. I mean just in case the whole civilization was wiped out like ancient ones,  and all was left was few pictures and few scripts..

What will they think of this…

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