The Times They Are a-Changin’ (In The Arab Spring)

Spring, summer, fall and winter… and spring again.

Arabs don’t really know what democracy is. Simple as that. They haven’t had yet a chance to make the effort of growing a concept of self-responsibility (stepping maybe over allegiance to their personal liaisons, creed, clan, clientelism, traditions,…) as well as learn to asume deception with the sistem when our candidates betray our confidence, deceive our expectations,….

Or when we accept that our choice won’t rule and must wait for a new chance in 4 years, if things are done properly… In the case of finding parties who behave contrarely to the system,  they must learn that kind of people should be kept away from politics.

And place them out of our property… because we, the people, all of us, whoever we vote, are the owners of the system in Democracy.

Add “remembering that” is another lesson to add.

The “all of us” thingy.

Without “all of us”, the system makes no sense, and dies. The more the options, the better, as far as governing is not compromised.

Let’s have hope, … no one is born with all lessons learnt.

Whisky and Tea

When you worn to exhaustion by the vampiric presence of Jeremy Kyle or that perpetual newsreel on poor Maggie’s demise, the mind drifts. And it drifts towards one final tool for procrastination. Well – should I? You’re faced with a Socratic challenge. It will demand the evasion of judgmental family members. An easily concealed TV set is obligatory; an already stained conscience helps. In spite of the inevitable guilt that threatens to mute any pleasure you might dare to enjoy, you continue.

And I did it: I watched Loose Women.

It all seemed somehow vindicated by the story which the ladies shared with us – about a 104 year-old gentlemen whose gardening abilities have been maturing for nearly a century:

But it is the roses that fill Ralph with most pride. At the rear of his garden are some 200 floribunda and hybrid-tea bushes which in summer will produce flowers…

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