Syria, in a vision I share quite much… choosing the lesser bad future.

I am not saying I am happy with the regime. I am far from it. I also do not want President Al Assad to be president forever. There are many changes the Syrian regime needed to and still needs to make. But I and most Syrian people would agree, that we would certainly rather have what Syria had a year ago than be in the state that we are in now. At this moment, Syria’s future is very unclear and not looking good. As we already established, Syria is now flooded with terrorists and terrorist attacks, the economy is getting worse and worse day after day, crime has increased, there is no more peace and security. At least our future a year ago was going uphill.

via Syria, freedom or no freedom?


I’m not going to deny that this is a sided vision of the situation,….. and maybe as all sided visions it lacks certain amount of accuracy in being equidistant distributing blame on both parts. The fact that the author justifies the army crush on early protests (which she says to support) because there was suspice (quite solidly based) that protesters were gahering weapons, starting the civillian bloodshed (and again in Hama, as the symbol that this city is by itself for the Syrian MB), has no excuse. I am not saying that regime’s armed forces  should have remained quiet at 100%, but at least they should have waited for the protesters to strike first… that would have given them some moral weight. What we all saw all over, what happened in Al-Bara and many other places, even justified by the fact rebels mix with population, is the greatest mistake of the regime, and worst than 3 defeats. too many kids, women, elder, … too many martyrs of the rebel cause…. of the wahabbi cause, after all? 🙂 …. I feel that it will depend quite a lot on us.

In any case, I share MOST of what she said here.

I dislike Assad,… I think he should have pushed for a change from within the regime to give it moral strength… and now he or his general staff has made too many bloody mistakes, too many killings to make that process happen…. BUT

I reject completely the theocrat vision of Syria under Shariah laws.


….I guess this a reason enough as to publish this here. 🙂

he other is that lately western powers are talking openly of use of chemical weapons by Syria’s army on population…

… WMD… US reps and UK cons… yeah… sounds familiar….. same as these guys that became famous lately:



…if they only knew wtf they were saying…


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