It’s ever so simple: Middle East

The Middle East. The land of minarets and veils and other inaccurate clichés. Where every male’s earliest memory is being assaulted by a stranger who cut off a piece of his genitals, and they wonder why there is so much aggression. The Middle East remains a mysterious place that defies Western understanding because of its complexity and the stubborn refusal of so many to accept broad generalisations about it.

This unhelpful pedantry has fortunately been challenged by several brave Western observers who carried out extensive research in the area, mainly by talking to taxi drivers in from Cairo to Tehran and, whenever that proved unsatisfactory, they made up conversations with taxi drivers. While this evidence is not ‘real’ in the conventional sense, it does however prove their theories.

The most dominant theory describes the Middle East as an area of ancient and timeless tribal rivalries that keep it locked into conflict and ensures its receives more than its fair share of news coverage. So who are these tribes and what makes them tick? Here’s a handy list:

via Karl reMarks:

It’s ever so simple: a tribal map of the Middle East.



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