Update on American Bedu

Bad news abt one of the most appreciated expats I heard abt living in KSA… Let’s wish the best for her. And the best means exactly that, whatever may come. Inshallah. Amen.

American Bedu



Dear friends and readers of American Bedu, I am sorry to have to tell you that Carol is not doing well.  Carol has been admitted to ER last sunday, her cancer has taken a turn for the worse.

The news has been a bad shock to her family and friends.  Carol is in hospital now, but due to the heavy pain medication she is not able to read or write. Her friends will read to her all the sweet, encouraging and supporting comments you have written and will write, as soon as she feels up to it. Your support and prayers will give her great support.

Although her son and friends are still hoping she will pull through she may not make it. Carol is very courageous and a great fighter.

Carol’s friends are holding a 72 hour prayer rally, starting today, Monday, at 3pm until Thursday 3pm.




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