Hey wait…. turns out persians are NORMAL PEOPLE TOO!

Of course, it would be a mistake to assume that traditional values have completely vanished. Iran’s patriarchal culture is still strong, and orthodox values are still maintained by traditional social classes, particularly in provincial towns and villages. But at the same time, it would also be a mistake to assume that sexual liberalization has only gained momentum among the urban middle classes.

So what is driving Iran’s sexual revolution? There are a number of potential explanations, including economic factors, urbanization, new communication tools, and the emergence of a highly educated female population — all of which are probably partly responsible for changing attitudes toward sex. At the same time, however, most of these factors are at play in other countries in the region that are not experiencing analogous transitions. (Indeed, a wave of social conservatism is sweeping much of the Middle East, while Iran moves in the opposite direction.) So what is different in Iran? Paradoxically, it is the puritanical state — rigid, out of touch, and dedicated to combating “vice” and promoting “virtue” — that seems to be powering Iran’s emergent liberal streak.

Erotic Republic – By Afshin Shahi

Foreign Policy.

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…ACTION…..REACTION!… what did you expect. Men and women are men and women everywhere. Some day the whole world will notice. Now I just hope that this social change spreads all over middle east as succesfully as theocracy and conservativism did. Amen.

And yes…. I know Persians are not Arabs (they will be the first in pointing it out) … but well, I guess persian women suffered a bit of what arab women do, to know what it means to be a middle east female. 

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