The End of ‘Greater Lebanon’ as we knew it…

What I wish to draw readers of this article’s attention to, however, is that I am not arguing with either the Future Movement or Hezbollah in what either are doing or aggressively pursuing. Neither of them are doing anything in a regional and international conflict of this magnitude save what they are compelled to do. The first is a Saudi organization with widespread popularity and alliances in its immediate surroundings, while the second is an Iranian organization with extensive popularity. Both of them are tainted by their “country of origin”: the first by a religious Salafist civil force supported by a tradition of decades of employing financial muscle in projects to mobilize [Sunni communities], while the latter is a military-security force whose training bears an Iranian touch in its secret organization.

Neither of the two groups are engaging in behavior that I would take issue with here, yet the predictable result of both groups’ actions will be to ratchet up the level of danger that [we Lebanese] must contend with; this what both the Sunnis and Shiites are doing. And, no matter their popularity, or the popularity of their enlistees and attendant activists, this is not right.

via The End of ‘Greater Lebanon’



Lebanon is a nation based n sectarism… most openly in making sure christians had a place in Middle East, guaranteed by french decissions and by territorial domination institutionalised by the french in early 20th century… It is what it is. Simple as that. Changing it will result in the end of Lebanon, because this country is what it is. Simple. And now I guess it will sound terrible but… when no shiite vs sunni wars mattered,… when the country was led by christians who made the 60-70% of population, and they were not involved in regional shyte…. those times when they were not puppets of neighbouring nations (Israel, Syria, GCC, Iran…) those were the times when Lebanon used to be the Middle East Switzerland. Dunno if it was due to christians ruling and dominating the political scenario or not…. but when that religious balance changed after 1967… everything was lost forever. Now muslims dominate in numbers, debating between sunnis and shiites in terms of power and government. Lebanon is what it is now… but I am not sure it’s really Lebanon. Or what it used to be called Lebanon. There’s too many nice ppl I met from there not to feel terrible abt this fate. I wish they find reasons to keep the party on. I wish that doesn’t ever change.

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