99’3% of Women in Egypt suffer sexual violence under Islamist rule

The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality said in a report published on May 23 that 99.3 percent of Egyptian women have experienced some form of sexual violence.

Nearly 50 percent of women reported more harassment after the revolution; 44 percent said the level of harassment remained the same before and after the revolution. Meanwhile, more than 58 percent of men surveyed said harassment increased after the revolution.

Egypt’s general directorate of moral police at the ministry of interior reported that 9,468 cases of harassment, 329 sexual assaults and 112 cases of rape took place in 2012.

Activists say the figures released by the government are smaller than the actual ones because many women do not report cases of harassment against them to the police in fear of shame.

The U.N. study found that only 19 percent of women actually report sexual violence against them to the police. It said 32.2 percent keep quiet and move away from the scene, while 26.9 choose to insult or hit back the assailant.

via Women in Egypt suffer more sexual violence under Islamist rule

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(Veil or not makes absolutely no difference for more than a 99% of egyptian women’s decency,  it’s molesters like these the moral issue, not the women’s attire. )

It’s not religion,… it’s society.

It’s not education… it’s the lack of values.

It’s not ethnicity… it’s permissivity.

It’s not revolution… it’s the result of letting your political rulers govern attached to a moral code that perverts the teaching it supposedly promotes.

Or maybe not. Honestly, I don’t know.

The supposed need for a veil or other means to “protect” women is not based in some supposed female temptacious nature… it’s caused by educating most men to become morally weak, spoiled kiddoes who are grown to demand very little work to their minds and who usually forget they were born and grown up by women like those they humiliate.

Geez… how easily they forget that tomorrow can be the turn of their wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters…

And how easily will they put the blame on them, instead of the harasser… it’s always harder to blame oneself, specially for arabs and their damn wrong concept of what such things as honourable pride codes mean.

I visited Cairo under Mubarak, and this phenomenon was already noticeable… I remember walking the streets with my friend Amy and having to look at men’s eyes with an angry bear expression to make them notice they were crossing redlines setting their eyes on her… even married men walking with their families behind them…

She was an adult woman accompanied by a tall angry guy around 100 kilos weight…  which protection is needed in that case? What’s ur reason, beardies?

Damn… can’t imagine what it must be right now daily life for Radwa, Noura, Lamia…

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