When smiling becomes sinful, then that religion becomes useless. There’s no point in a religion that bans ppl to smile, together with everything else.

Then, the CPVPV member started threatening them and inciting the police official to take action against them. Minutes later, another CPVPV car and a police car came to arrest them and took them to al-Sulaimaniyah police station.

Al-Bilasi talked about the inhumane conditions in the cells: “It was small and overcrowded. There weren’t any beds or mattresses,” he says. “We slept on the floor. I asked an officer to let me sleep in the hallway but he just cursed me,” he adds.

The next morning, they were taken, handcuffed, to the Investigation and Prosecution Bureau. Upon arriving there, they were taken to a small room where they waited for hours before they were called separately for investigation. The investigator told Abdullah that CPVPV members and police officers are “not to be argued with but obeyed.”

via Saudi Youth Arrested for Allegedly “Insulting Religion”

Global Voices


What can you expect when you confront people that not only reject those who think, write or talk differently, but effectively reject all kind of real thinking, writing or talking…  

Un-islamic smiles…. geez… as my egyptian friend would say… A7A!

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