“The Triumph of the Israeli Will”…but lacking some of Lenni Riefenstahl’s scenography, by now..

” Danon declared that the government can do whatever it pleases, wherever it pleases.

‘The international community can say whatever they want, and we can do whatever we want,’ he said.” 

‘Two State Solution? No Chance!’ Israeli Minister Speaks Out

Middle East Perspectives


(Pic:  trapdoortheatre.com)

…demographics prove that jews are breeding more kids than arabs in Israel, specially since the rise of orthodox ones, and with that, they deny the statement abt racial inferiority of jews in a really democratic and non-segregated single state scenario.

They r not only happy with applying a racist or segregationist system inside their country, where israeli arab citizens have lesser rights due to their ethnicity, (even after staying for generations on that ground…) not happy with that, they talk openly of annexation of the West Bank… and so, …now it seems that sovereignity for israelians means the right to apply the “lebensraum” doctrines.

A chosen people has the right to take over whatever they feel entitled for, from “inferior people’s” hands.

If the inferiors want to have right to smthg, they must prove to be better than the chosen ones. 

Basically they say they can take, annex and do whatever they want, whenever they want, ad whoever they want, I guess… and israelis are happy with it.

There was a time when crowds cheered up in collective agreement to some similar  kind of speech. 

No country can do “whatever they want, wherever they want, whenever they want” and appear as innocent.

It’s called morals.

Politicians are often accused of immorality. The problem with these guys is that they are shameless about it.

Same as all the cheering crowds. And we can all remember what they shouted in 1930’s. 

If palestinians decide, some day,to have the balls needed for crossing back the borders “en masse”, with no weapons, hands up, coming in hundreds of thousands from places where they are not so welcome, and became in fact a cause for social trouble (like Jordan, Lebanon, etc… ) getting back to every place inside those famous 1967 borderlines

If they did so WITH NO VIOLENCE, EVEN BEING SHOT OR ATTACKED, OR PROVOKED, OR ASSAULTED, then maybe some thousands would die killed by easy-trigger guys and extremists,… but for sure pseudonazis like this Mr. Danon would have to swallow his words, or show up the racist, pseudo-nazi personality that his speech transmits. And they’d achieve a victory like no other. 

That day palestinians will prove they got every right to that space. Not thru war, not thru bloodshed. Not thru occupation, or annexation, or conquer. Simply by exerciting their rights.

Gandhi knew it. Hassan II of Morocco knew it when he invaded and annexed West Sahara from spaniards… thru a march of thousands of apparently unarmed civilians.  Both succeeded nicely in forcing things to change. Because no country wants to appear as a cold blooded killer of a rightful and peaceful march of civillians at the eyes of every camera available in the globe. 

But it demands tons of courage to fight for what is urs with the only weapon of reason and values.  No religious speech, no hate speech, no vengeance speech. Nothing of that.

Do they have that kind of courage? Jews needed a holocaust and millions of butchered innocents to achieve their goal. Still today they keep showing up their victimism as their major moral weapon. And keeps working. They won their right to be there. And it was not by military conquer that the world agreed in 1948 to give them that right to a country. 

Lesson to be learnt, if someone decides to learn it, because honestly…. it looks like a hard pill to swallow. 

What a pity that men still repeat such mistakes.

… specially those men and women at both sides of the Wall of Shame.

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