All of a sudden… TA-DAAAAA

The statement by the White House comes as Syrian government forces appear to be gaining momentum following a victory in the strategic city of Qusair, which was achieved with the help of a large number of fighters from the militant Lebanese group Hizbollah. In recent days, rebel leaders have pleaded with the US and other sympathetic countries to send weapons.

Amid signs that the administration remains deeply divided over how to respond, there have been a flurry of meetings of senior officials this week about Syria, as well as a visit from British foreign secretary William Hague, whose government has been pushing for more arms to be delivered to the rebels.

via Syria used chemical weapons, says US


(Art by Anthony Freda: Humanitarian Bombs)

All these reasons are far more determinant than any red line to cross… Fact is rebels are loosing the war, and US knows that a possible scenario left would be a hard post-war guerrilla war led by radical islamists against a regime still more hardened fighting over the ruins of a country already full of sectarian terror.

Also it would let just the islamic radicals facing Assad with support from Iraqi sunnis and GCC sheikhdoms… it would also reinforce Iran’s position, and Russian international and diplomatic strength… while their beloved moderate syrians of the SMC win nothing and are the real victims of this shitty episode of history.

In the eventual case of an intervention and the deposition of the Baathist regime, this military support would also train and prepare the SMC for a future fight against both, baathist and islamic guerrillas… that’s maybe why they keep insisting on an end to war thru dialogue, because it’s the  only way that Syria can go forward facing just the beardies in a common front. If not… that country has absolutely no future, whoever wins that war. 

Also, let’s not forget kurds… a kurdish passage linking iraqi kurdistan with syrian kurds and getting really close to the mediterranean would be a pretty smart way to avoid using the persian gulf to import kurdish oil in case of conflict with Iran, uh?… not a bad move to justify a future Kurdistan Stateship in exchange for the favour?

All these reasons weight more than any WMD death by Assad’s army (who needed absolutely not to use this weaponry). 

Meanwhile…there’s been 93000 syrians killed while we discuss about all this.

Both sides are equally to blame for wild bloodshed actions in their hands, and every Banyas will face a Deir-al-Zour

After 3 years… all we can say is that maybe this first step of Syrian war may be about to end,… and history is written by victorious,  but time puts everyone on place. And same as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan,… we’ll find again more civillians killed by humanitarian bombs than proper combatants.

And they will be the ones who pay for the PRISM scandal.   

3 thoughts on “All of a sudden… TA-DAAAAA

    • Chemicals in Fallujah, nuke tests in the Pacific, and so many things done that are apparently taboo for many others (luckily, I may say… if we all behaved as americans do… geeeez) .. regarding why should u give 1 damn or two… After a century of american global interventionism…. how can you ask that question? 😀

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