Another Israeli Minister: ‘A Palestinian State Is not the Solution’

When I observe the Middle East after the Arab Spring, I understand the chilling truth of Sadat’s words. Look at Iraq — a country falling apart from inside. The Syrians are disintegrating into the smaller nationalities that comprise the country; look at Lebanon, which is internally splintered and torn to pieces, and Libya and Yemen. And the list goes on. But when we get to the Arab Palestinians, who never existed as a nation, that have no history of a state, suddenly everyone talks about a state. And I ask, ‘What, have we lost our minds? Now we want to establish a state for this purpose?’ We have bitter experience with the Palestinian Authority — we closed a deal with one Authority and now it turns out that it split into two units, to something that is almost a Palestinian state in Gaza and to the Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria. President Shimon Peres himself said in the past that the number of agreements signed in the Middle East equals the number of agreements that were violated.

via Israeli Minister: ‘A Palestinian State Is not the Solution’

Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Israeli Energy Minister Landau speaks during an investment energy summit in Athens

So there we go… tourism Minister of Israel states that there is no place for a Palestinian state, as there was never a Palestinian national identity nor a Palestinian statehood along history… so apparently just Jews had a right to have a state created ex-novo for them like in 1948. 

Also states that 1967 borders are like the walls of Auschwitz?… geez…. Do they notice that the whole globe sees the damn Wall of Shame very much like that of the Ghetto in Warszaw?

Then he goes saying that Israel is the land of judaism and christianism, a land where we learn about local christian priests and monks spitted, insulted or even slapped on street by jewish orthodox students with no protection or reaction by IDF or Police, and also erasing a muslim heritage of centuries that is not even mentioned at school books of israeli kids.

And please, let’s not forget that when he speaks of christians, he means FOREIGN christians. First because their mind does not asume that a 60% of those palestinians facing them in 1948 were christians, second because full israeli citizenship rights and privileges will only be granted for jews, according to their political guidelines, and third beause it’s us, foreign christians, who spend millions visiting our Holy Places in a land that is less and less our Holy Place, the ones they are interested in.

Business is business.

One can keep in mind the realpolitik laws and the honestity involved in Mr. Landau’s speech. He says clearly what he thinks, even twisting and distorting history for the sake of their own political plan. But he does not make it up. They will take the whole thing. No two states. Just one. Israel. Palestinians don’t exist, so there’s no sense in even thinking abt them.

He, same as the government he is in, (whatever Simon Peres says, whatever UN says, whatever the world says, even whatever basic morals would say) won’t accept to get back to 1967, and will push to take far more of what was given to Israel in 1948  .

Yes,… it was part of a british protectorate given to jews by UN to create a new state, and the rest of that protectorate was supposed to had been given to arabs to create a Palestinian State. 

But also history teaches us how there was not real plan from arabs to have their state done.

Together with many interests from outside Palestine (Kings of Jordan and Egypt wanted Jerusalem into their borders, for example, and Syrian nationalism also saw Palestine and Lebanon as part of their Greater Syria project, etc… ) that helped very little to make palestinian arabs build their own identity before exile,  we see the patent lack of a serious plan and strong union within palestinians, to work and behave as a nation and a state.

Far beyond an armed fight that most of times didn’t even take the form of a guerrilla resistance,  but terrorist isolated actions, which made easier to apply and cover morally the massive ethnic cleansing applied by israel throughout the years.

Yes,… it’s been an ethnic and cultural cleansing.

Many villages, neighbourhoods and whole towns emptied of arab or muslim pressence. No mosques left, no houses, no fields, no names, no memory… nothing.

Just (luckily) abandoned churches, left as silent memories of old arab villages of forgotten names, … demolishing them would risk all support from US christians and the west. And Israel still needs the american friend protection.

Mr. Landau is clear. He and other members of the Netanyahu executive have detailed it carefully.

They want THE WHOLE land. Just for them. 

To be a nation of jews, with only hebrew names and history. 

With full nationality granted just to jews, and allowance for christians and muslims (arabs) to live inside their borders, (certainly with bigger rights than a foreigner but…) under limited status to make sure that hebrew Judaism is always the identity of the state and keeps the preeminence. In a way that makes Woody Allen and Barbra Streisand have better numbers to be israeli than any elder smoking sheesha in East Jerusalem same as his father and grandfather did.  

Even if Israel applied the Anschluss over the West Bank (now called by them Judea and Samaria, as in roman times, when Irak was Partia, Iran was Persia and Turkey was Asia Minor) and Gaza.

Most surely making Gazans run the hell out inside Egypt thru their tunnels once for all.

Not something i can swallow easily.

Mostly because that national project is NOT what was approved in 1948 and has been respected and protected mostly till some years ago by us, westerns.

Maybe most of people in the west should think about it. If they did, they’d not swallow it. In fact, those who think don’t buy it. And we are called then “anti-semites”. As if arabs were not semites. 

Tonight the U-21 Spanish Football Team defeated Norway 3-0 in the U-21 Euro Cup. Our guys reached the Finals. 

They are playing that championship in Israel.

Why is Israel organising a Football Euro-Cup and not Turkey, Lebanon or Morocco?… well… simply because they are Europeans ethnically, whatever they believe in, while turks, moroccans and lebanese may be closer to us but are not europeans.

Also because if it was not like that, they’d play just with themselves. 

Maybe it’s time for us, europeans, to ask ourselves if the national plan represented by people like Mr. Landau and a majority of israeli voters matches the way we, 21st. C. europeans, see ourselves. Whatever they are, ethnically.

Because the distance between us and israelis is getting wider and wider beyond geography. 

Btw…. dunno why I remembered Goebbels sense of drama in Mr. Landau’s pic.

Good evening, people. 

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