Gaza’s Gypsies don’t dance anymore.

The Dom are not represented in parliament or in any of the political factions or institutions. They do not benefit from the international aid sent to the Palestinian people of Gaza. It is as if where they live is invisible to the broader community and the government. Some Dom women have, therefore, begun begging in the streets, while the men find work in “fadous,” popular male-only groups who play drums and march during wedding processions.

via Gaza’s Gypsies Face Daily Racism



Gipsies in Gaza… at first I was a bit shocked.. there too!! … then I remembered how these nomadic peoples without nation spreaded all over, exporting their proverbial resistance to fit in any society, from Phillipines to Ecuador, from Ireland to Gaza… from India to the world…

Always wandering the globe to feel eternally out of place, finding troubles or creating them, whoever they shared the land with. 

One can’t avoid asking himself …why?

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