‘You Can’t Eat Sharia’ – By Mohamed ElBaradei

We are paying the price of many years of repression and strongman rule. This was a comfort zone for people — they didn’t have to make independent decisions. Right now, after the uprising, everybody is free, but it’s very uncomfortable. It’s the existential dilemma between the yearning to be free and the old crutch of having somebody tell you what to do. Freedom is still new to people.

Most of our challenges are a byproduct of the old dictatorship. We still have an open wound and need to get a lot of the pus out. We need to clean that wound — you cannot just place a Band-Aid on it. But that is what is happening — relying on the same worn-out ideas. The uprising was not about changing people, but changing our mindset. What we see right now, however, is just a change of faces, with the same mode of thinking as in Mubarak’s era — only now with a religious icing on the cake.

How bad could it get? Different scenarios, of course, present themselves if law and order continues to deteriorate. People are now saying something that we never thought was possible before: that they want the Army to come back to stabilize the situation. Or we might have a revolt of the poor, which would be angry and ugly. There are worse things than state failure, and I’m afraid Egypt is teetering on the brink.

via ‘You Can’t Eat Sharia’ – By Mohamed ElBaradei

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(art by: Farhad Foroutanian – http://www.cartoonmovement.com/cartoon/1265

Elbaradei… I always thought he was THE right man to lead a transition process in Egypt.

He was by far the most prepared, truly used to democracy values and  internationally respected, of all those who got involved in the Egyptian chaos after Tahrir. 

I remember I told about him to my friends lots of times, and I always found the same rejection answers “he’s been out of here for too long”…”he’s not egyptian anymore”…  “he will be a puppet of the west”… “he’s not strong enough to fix this chaos because there’s very few people with his ideas”… “he’s alone”… “we don’t want someone that is the west choice because we don’t need western intervention”…

Still today I don’t understand any of these reactions… all of it sounded like pre-packed. Easy answers for a hard task. That of thinking and decide who could be a good ruler for your country.

… and even today I still know he WAS the man for the job.

Because situation has gone so wrong by now that I’m not sure there will be anything left to do on a mid-term for someone with his brains, so let’s better use the past tense.

And let’s hope I’m wrong with this. 

Just this week I saw an offer on a travel website:

8 days travel for 2 ppl, Flights from Spain to Egypt, with 3 nights in Cairo and 4 nights Nile Cruise, including excursions… return and taxes included…. for 268€ (price per person)

Shokran, Mohammed Morsi, shokran, beardies… and specially shokran, egyptian people who put them into power… 

Let’s hope God forgives them all.


Because they don’t know what they are doing… and because we all know that history won’t forget…. nor forgive.

Ah, Misr….. 😥

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