Why is it not a coup?

If democracy is a matter of principle, then submitting to the will of the millions who took to the streets all across Egypt is the very basic application of that principle. In a democracy, legitimacy comes from the people and the people are entitled to claim it back. Whatever explanation looks at what happened in Egypt as a coup ignores an important dimension and that is the Egyptian people. It would have been a coup if it were strictly a matter of army-presidency confrontation. But applying the will of the people to remove an inefficient president who is incapable of fulfilling his oath is rational democratic behaviour.

Overthrowing Mohamed Morsi is not a power hungry undemocratic coup; it is simply the most practical manifestation of the people’s right to rule their own country.

via Thus spoke the Egyptians: Why is it not a coup?

Daily News Egypt


Law was made for men, and not men for law.

It’s a major democracy value.

The rule of law is submitted to respect of rights and freedoms of peoples under that law. 

And why is it so hard to understand for so many?

Or did we already forget what is supposed to be the core meaning of our institutions, including the army?

In Egypt, only those who didn’t understand the meaning of such democratic values, the inspirational ones, (those almost forgotten, if not already sided away in our western bureaucracies ) are siding with MB and asking for the return of Muhammad Morsi to rule.

I am tired of hearing about “the coup”. This time it was not such a thing. 

… except if killing of christians goes on, together with widespread violence all over.

Then military will feel comfortable as to asume power whatever peple says on street.

And then it will be a coup.

And I will express against it…  Same as Tahrir.


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