Mom, I’m on my way home don’t worry

More than 2 milleniae ago, Plato used to say that dead people are the only ones who will see the end of war. He was quite surely right. There has been so absolutely few DAYS with no war and combat at all between men somewhere in this globe… I ask myself which hope, which message, which ideals, which political discourse of any kind must cross the brains of those who went in that bus running thru the tanks and mortar shelling… Homo Hominis lupus est…

Levant woman

Mom, I'm on my way home don't worry

this is my way home, the scene is missing some snipers too ..
this reminds me of a conversation in the movie “lord of war”
Yuri Orlov: You read the newspapers, Vit?
Vitaly Orlov: Newspaper? It’s always the same.
Yuri Orlov: You’re right. Every day there’s people shooting each other. You know what I do when I see that? I look to see what guns they’re using and I think to myself, why not my guns?
That’s all it is . people who really can do something, they choose to arm.

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