Parallel realities… Bassem Youssef for president!

Yes, in a perfect world, shutting down channels and isolating leaderships is wrong and a violation of freedoms. But, my dear, you were not living in a perfect world. To those who dream of co-existence, how do you co-exist with he who wants to raise arms in your face and with he who considers killing you and imprisoning you or shutting down your media outlet as a victory for Islam?To the Islamist who is weeping over democracy, you have usurped democracy. You spawned an unjust majority acting with superiority in the name of religion. You requested your president to shut down channels, besiege judicial institutions, torture those opposing your president at the Ittihadiya presidential palace. And you terrified a Coptic engineer who could not utter his name so his religion wouldn’t be figured out. You cheered for insulting the Shiites and did not care that they were killed. And in the end, you were going to overlook shutting down private channels because you would have considered that as a prevention of strife, a victory for Islam, an elimination of corruption and a response to the immortal chant “purge, purge the media.”Therefore, after we finish our debates, remember how the situation will be if we had chosen the alternative truth and the parallel universe.My dear reader, in the parallel world, you wont read this article because its writer will either be imprisoned or killed. You will switch on your TV to watch Misr 25 broadcasting live footage of the burning studios of private TV channels. The people would be chanting “its done, the people have purged the media.” Protesters would be raising banners that will immortalize the presidents famous sentence: “one year is enough.”

via What if Mursi was still Egypt’s president? English


I admire this guy.


I do.

People like him brings hope. As not everything is lost for the future, as people like him can talk.

Clarividence and responsibility… and yet with a smile.

And not just for Egypt, but for all those who watch him…. and can understand!

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