AT LAST! A real Israeli advance and improvement for every Middle Eastern religious ultraorthodox!! (yes,… “angry beards” included)

At first, a modern woman’s knee-jerk reaction to news of the glasses is to reflexively protest against it vociferously. Just like gender-segregated buses, the removal of women’s images from billboards, the blurring of little girl’s faces in Purim ads, signs requiring women to dress ‘modestly’ in certain neighborhoods, keeping their voices off of radio broadcasts, and forcing women to switch seats on airplanes so as not to sit next to the men, it all appears to be part of the same package that oppresses women by putting them in the category of ‘forbidden fruit’ that cannot be seen or heard on any way.

But then I decided to rethink the issue.

via Why ultra-Orthodox men wearing ‘modesty glasses’ is a fabulous idea

–  Haaretz –


Really guys…. this time you really nailed it. That is the kind of example to follow by those who think like you do and so many others! … and by many others I extend it for orthodox women who will set an eye on what other women do… and of course on the islamic orthodox world as well, may it be in the Irani Shia version, or the wahabbi-salafi sunni version or so many others.

If you are easy to scandalise… DON’T LOOK!

Next steps … hmmmm what about… Male burqa as well to avoid looking too far?… or something as the devices used in “Tommy” to keep any sensorial sinful influence out of their own moral cocoons? 


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