Egyptian Cainism… just the arab way.

What the Islamists kill over the span of a month, the army and police kills in two rounds. Egyptian blood is being spilt on the bumpy road to democracy, and Egyptians are expected to pick a side. “You are either with us or against us,” both camps say. You are either an infidel or a traitor; there is no third choice here. Why are Egyptians always put in this corner, always having to choose between the bad and the worse?

There is always that minority of Egyptians who do not bow to the stability-versus-security choice. Those few who decide not to side with violence or dictatorships of any kind. These are the ones Egypt is counting on to continue the struggle for democracy.

via If you are not with us, you are against us

 Daily News Egypt


There’s many more than it seems, ready for democracy and respect to the other… and they won’t go to streets. Mostly because it would mean to take a side and fight the other side. I tend to be with those… even when I have already my side in this issue… and it’s not army… but absolutely NOT islamists. 

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