Some reflections on Aug. 14th. clashes in Cairo: When did we become a nation of liars??

I am disappointed with the constant speculation. When did we become a nation of liars? Is lying not frowned upon in Islam and by people with common decency? Between the military and the Brotherhood, honesty is an elusive concept, and we Egyptians must sift through all the allegations to find a shard of truth. People should be reporting that they dont know how many have been killed, that the turmoil is ongoing, and that there are casualties and will be more to come. Throwing out random numbers does nothing but confuse the masses and create misinformation. I am disappointed that gunfire is involved, from both the protesters and the military. I am disappointed that we seem to forget that there is much to learn from history and that, after the bloodshed, all problems are solved around a table. Is our memory so short that we are willing to put blind faith in the authorities, when we should always be questionning them and holding them accountable? Most of all, I am saddened that lives are needlessly being lost in an action that will not solve any of the problems we face.

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…And even when many are now caling Al-Baradei traitor and coward… I agree with him, and with Eihab Boraie. Today I would have self-exiled from Egypt. MB and army together have tried to kidnap and destroy what started in Tahrir. 

One year of islamist government worked to make people notice that islamists, far from being democrats, are a bunch of despotic sectarian oppressors, and an evolutionary step-back.

Then June 30 happened and some like me, again, hoped that this time even MB would notice of the mistake nd make things work as they should.

Today, Interior Minister announced that “safety and security” will get back to those standards applied prior to Jan. 25th-2011…or even worst. 

So there we go again… back to old-style. 

There’s just one thing that still makes me resist. Freedom will prevail. At last it will fight back and prevail.

That, I know.

The problem is that maybe by then any damn church or christian egyptian remains alive on the Nile country ground after 2000 years. 

Misr, Misr…. how a painful feeling you can be!

May God take care of you all, and specially of Radwa, Nour, Lamia, Ghada….. Amen.

One thought on “Some reflections on Aug. 14th. clashes in Cairo: When did we become a nation of liars??

  1. Its very difficult to know right from wrong, but at some moments even if you see a bit of wrong that is for the best of the huge right you have to concede. Mr. Baradie apparently was aiming at his own glory. This is not the first time that he escaped the country when faced with a must do decision. Remember after January, 11 he did the same and left his supporter in the clear because he would not take an active decision. The guy was a corner stone in starting the anti Mubarak movement, but this is where his role in Egyptian politics ended.

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