Egyptians are letting “Unforgettable Fires” grow. The kind of those which go beyond politics.

Every bad decision that could be taken has; everything that can go wrong is.

I want to write the names of over 600 — perhaps 700, by the time I finish this article — people who were killed this week, including unarmed protesters, armed ones, police officers, journalists. Some of the dead had their names and address written with a marker on the chest, to avoid being merely a number in a morgue. At the least it will save their families the anguish for lack of news.

I want to write about the mosques that have been used as morgues, the stench of death covering the habitual smell of incense, and the crimson pools of blood accumulating on the worn prayer rugs.

I want to tell you about the churches that have been ransacked and set on fire in Egypt, the hardly unexpected culmination of anti-Christian rhetoric in the discourse of Muslim Brotherhood supporters. They ultimately become a soft target for Muslim Brotherhood supporters seeking for revenge. They are scarcely, if at all, protected by the police force. This makes security forces automatically complicit in attacks against them.

via Egypt – A Fire That Will Burn Us All | Transitions.

Mideast Egypt

(Pic from Manu Brabo, for AP)

Now both, islamists and army have the kind of scenario they manage better and have been preparing for, during decades.

It’s their speech. It’s what they need, in order to grow and behave like they do.

They both intimally love that smell of roasted blood.

Because both, army and MB live for this. They need it to exist. 

Now both will be happy to turn Egypt in another Algeria.

Because that’s why they both exist.

To “fight”.

Without fight they’d be useless and unwanted.

And they know it.

So as far as no democracy can come from any of them ruling, (whatever governments and media claim about democratically elected islamist dictatorships and couping military dictatorships) … seems clear that the only logical choice was Elbaradei’s: IF THAT’S NOT THE EGYPT I WANT TO BE, I WON’T WORK FOR IT.

And yes…. this mossarab tonight will add an extra thought for copts. 54 churches have been burnt by now, one of them a jewel dating back to 4th century…. and catholic schools…. and christian owned hotels….. and shops…. and homes…  and how hard must it be for them to refrain to strike back. Because they never do. (

Then after christians will come the time for “unproper women”, and eventually “unproper muslims”. With same effects on the mass of the population. Because very few will move a finger to save “unproper people”.


Nothing to add… except maybe this:

…Try to have a good night, world.

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