Former spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood speaks about their dark future.

According to the Health Ministry, 600 people have died and 4,500 have been injured. There were also 52 police officers and soldiers who perished, and 300 among them who were injured.

To be fair, we have to say that both sit-ins were not peaceful and that the government and security agencies gave the Muslim Brotherhood many chances to end the sit-ins in a way that preserved blood and lives. But of course they did not read these hints. They even increased their conceit, arrogance, and delusion.

They imagined for a moment that they were the stronger party and that offers of reconciliation and mediation, especially from foreign delegations, reflected the weakness of state institutions, which made ​​the Brothers raise their own terms and conditions.

Some demanded the return of Morsy to rule, the revival of the 2012 Constitution, and the return of the dissolved Shura Council. One even said that the moment Morsy returned to the presidency, violence would stop in Sinai!

At some stage, their demands included the release of Morsy without his return to rule and the release of leaders detained pending investigation, without prosecuting other leaders. But these demands were out of context as they opposed the demands of the tens of millions who came to the streets on 30 June, 3 July, and 26 July.

To be sure, the Muslim Brotherhood relied mainly on the support of the US administration and its pressure on state institutions, on the grounds that US interests would be respected in return. They forgot that the US administration stands with the stronger party, and that the US administration dealt with them on that basis at the beginning when they had the people, the army, and the police on their side. But now no one stands with them.

They lost everything due to their failure to understand what was happening around them. The Brotherhood’s mistakes were their downfall. They failed to achieve political stability and security. They failed to find solutions to the dire economic crisis and their fateful Constitutional Declaration led to division, fragmentation, civil strife, and violence, as well as the collapse of the rule of law.

via Those who have lost everything

Egypt Independent


… those who have lost everything are on their way for a grave. Period.

Those who still feel this to be a right death, must ask themselves what has been won with these lives lost.

Not for the ones who died,… but for the ones that remain here.

Nothing good came for them, or for Egypt, or for mankind. Simple as that.

It just pleases the ego of those little men who fulfill their selfsteem and their vital objective in the orgasmic experience of sending someone to die, because you told them to do so, and then be able to exhibit their pics in new meetings and demonstrations as trophies for the cause, so new fools are fooled and the vicious wheel never stops.

Nothing new under the sun,… and nothing good. 

Martyrdom is something else, guys. We know it.

And more than any other, God knows it.

And He will remember it when the time comes.

Just pray that stupidity is an attenuant of the sentence.

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