ten years isn’t a very long time to forget that much (Iraq – Syria)

Levant woman

Ten years ago, I was sixteen at high school with no political interests. Somehow all I cared about was how to keep the first place at school for me.

I woke up in a normal day , dressed up ..I Heavily moved to the kitchen and had a breakfast ..

you never notice those memorable days when you first wake up. I never knew this day was to remember at that time. The school bus was here to pick me up.. no songs in the school bus , no murmuring, no gossip, nothing at all.

When I first got into the class I saw girls weren’t normal.. What’s wrong with you girls??! I asked .. then a friend of mine -Fatima who I never saw after tenth grade- couldn’t stop her tears, she burst into tears telling me that Baghdad has fallen ….



And silence…

American missiles were…

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