Egypt’s revolution: Those hoping that the people have lost their voice should not rest easy in their beds.

“In an eternity of disappointment and greed and malice that moment, that moment in which being human was finally worth something, in which having a community was preferable to being alone with a book, had a value that will never be lost.”

They are right to acknowledge how much has been shattered and stolen by this bloodshed, and right as well to believe that this is not the end: Whatever has been robbed can be taken back. For now, those fighting for a better Egypt in Ramlet Bulaq, in Qursaya, in Suez, and in a thousand other communities across the country may have been quietened, but they will not remain silent forever. And when they do speak out, they’ll find that this regime has nothing but bullets and binaries with which to answer them. That won’t be enough, and so the revolution will continue. As the sheikh of Tahsin told me, “I will not live as a third-rate citizen any more. I have withdrawn my acceptance of the status quo. This is the fruit of Jan. 25, and there’s no turning back.”


Egypt’s chaos and revolution

 Slate Magazine


As I finished reading this article, I could listen on a classics spanish radio (M-80 Radio)  to  Brian Adams’ old “You can’t stop this thing we started”. It was followed by Dire Straits’ “Brothers in Arms”, and Peter Gabriel’s “Don’t give up”.

Some conspirationists would have found a hidden message in all this… I just remembered that hope is the last thing to loose.

Beyond slaps of reality.

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