Bassem Youssef: I have decided I will take the side of the Brotherhood.

It appears, therefore, that the only option is for me to join the Brotherhood to the end so we can bring down the army, police, deep state remnants and everyone who contributed stupidity and prejudice to reaching our current state of infighting. The solution can be found with the Brotherhood, their Islamic state and their principles that change according to their interests and to interpretation of religion. They are absolutely right and they lounge in God’s shadow on Earth. Voltaire says: “He who tells you to believe what he does or God will curse you is saying: believe what I do or I will kill you.”

Consequently, since killing is ensured either way, and there is no hope in reconciliation, it is probably best that we choose how we want to die. Moreover, how beautiful it is to die for the sake of building a caliphate specifically tailored for the Brotherhood. Maybe then their sheikhs would pronounce us martyrs after spending a lifetime of disbelief and delusion.

via Egypt: the destruction of a nation English

 youssef (1)

Yeah… after some meditation we all must agree he’s right.

As usual.

Ah, brilliance! …Mash’Allah!

2 thoughts on “Bassem Youssef: I have decided I will take the side of the Brotherhood.

  1. no estoy entender, este articulo .Acaso a Irmandad musulmana cuando llego al poder se olvido del motivo por el q se enfrentaron a Mubarak y quizo hacer lo mismo queriendo implantar la Sharia ??

    • La que tumbó a Mubarak no fué la Hermandad Musulmana. Fueron los jóvenes seculares quienes encendieron la llama de la rebelión. Los Hermanos Musulmanes solo pretendieron recoger los frutos del vacío de poder que siguió. Bassem estaba siendo irónico.

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