Aleppo Screams S.O.S.

It’s not bombs what will stop this hell…. in aleppo, in amascus, in Seidnaya, Ma’loula, Homs, Hama, …. everywhere. IT WON’T BE BOMBS. BUT CONSTRUCTIVE AND DIPLOMATIC ACTIONS ARE NEEDED!!!! … EVEN IF IT MEANS TO FORCE BOTH SIDES TO SEAT AND TALK, OR BE ABANDONED AND CRUSHED!!

Sweden and the Middle East Views

Aleppo Screams SoS pic

So now the world is discussing whether the international community should intervene in Syria after the latest chemical attacks that the regime brought on its people. I can’t launch a clear opinion in this issue, because I’m not sure an international military intervention would bring less suffering to the Syrian people – but assistance of some kind seems to be needed since the revolt has escalated into civil war, with human rights abuses reported from both sides. But what the world show know is, many of the Syrian people have been asking for help for a long time, before the conflict steered towards total chaos.

The ancient city of Aleppo, once a beautiful green city in the northern part of the country, is now one of the most destroyed cities in the world. Eager to crack down on the uprising, the Syrian government has bombed the city to pieces…

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