Saudi Women will Drive the Change on the 26th of October..

And I’ll keep supporting them here!

TAMADOR ALYAMI تماضر اليامي

women driving     Once again, brave Saudi women prove that there’s no stopping them until they take their long lost rights. With the saying “Rights are not given, they are taken” in mind, Saudi women observed how females across cultures and around the world have struggled through history to reach the place they are now and that encouraged them to never lose hope and to keep trying. Emboldened with the support of the Saudi King Abdulla Bin Abdulaziz who’ s reign witnessed more empowerment of Saudi women than ever, those phenomenal  females are made to feel that it is in their hands to change their society’s perception of the role of a woman and take back what was once theirs; independence. The long awaited and fought for rights to vote and enter the parliament have been won earlier in 2011 when king Abdullah dictated that Saudi women be given full rights…

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