From Saudia with Love… and extreme wisdom.

In the beginning there were humans. They had different physical features. That difference generated different expectations. Some humans were able to bring children to this world; a very important asset for survival. Other humans had stronger bodies and were better in fetching food. Through a social process, which no one knows anything about, humans decided to become male and female. Males provided food and protection. Females provided children. Then, as society developed and became more sophisticated another difference was created. Females had to belong to man and to act in certain ways. Males had to belong to other males but also act in ways different to female and to other males as well. Now we had man and woman; we had gender. Expectations were set. Roles were fixed. Characteristics were divided according to male and female. And borders between both were erected. Individuals who sought to breakdown that barrier – such as homosexuals – were ostracized.It may not be possible in any near future to go forward to our previous pristine state of nature, where gender did not exist. But it is important every now and then to be reminded that our current state is in no way natural, nor healthy. It is vital that we cross the constructed boundaries between men and women. There are many ways of doing that in Western and Eastern communities. A man wearing the hijab is one of them.

via When I wore the hijab: Power and the headscarf

 Al Arabiya News


I know, I know…. it’s been a loooong time. Let’s say that life out of the screen demands some extra time, and that was a perfect excuse to take a break in this task of blogging and reblogging. 

I needed to think again, maybe,…. or to catch again the passion. But somehow I felt exhausted and overwhelmed… and imagined many readers would be as well.

I had too many things I wanted to share in deep, specially wanted to talk about the case of Bassem Youssef in Egypt and how he’s facing attempts to silent his voice and his laughs in the after-Mursi era… not an easy task, believe me. 

Also wanted to deal with the changes happening in the geopolitical scenario in Middle East after the agreements between Iran and the world powers, which made Saudis and Israelis become suddenly factible open allies… videre est credere.

And of course I had plenty of things to say about the Syrian hell. I had to talk about how islamists ruined the revolution and they may be the hardest threat Assad and the FSA guys will face… while kurds remain hopefully strong and authonomous, heading towards a “de facto” independent homeland at last, spreading from the Mediterranean to Iran.

And how would I forget about Maaloula?… what happens there, same as in many other christian places of Middle East, breaks the heart of this Mossarab. May God have mercy of us all.

anyway… nothing of that was enough to break my mutism… as this article from Abdullah Hamidaddin did.

One of the most clarivident, if not the most illustrative, and brilliant masculine approaches I’ve ever read about the Hijab. 

Shokran, Señor Hamidaddin… honestly.

…and now, let’s go back to the cave!

Maa’ Salama!

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