Today I am going to share the transcription of a conversation I had on Facebook with a Syrian friend who lives far from that hell, and supports the revolution (NOT the islamists, it must be said and remarked, as most of those arabs supporting revolutions from out of Middle East are everything except islamists).

Many times we have discussed and talked about the long time ago-called “Arab Spring”, and specially about Syria. She always insisted to me that the bad guy was Assad and that they were on the good side, and islamists were a necessary evil in the fight against the oppressor, but harmless, as far as “Syrians will never accept their doctrine, because Syrians live all together side by side, despite what they believe… our fight is political, not religious. It’s the regime who accuses us of being islamists, but islamists are only one section of the revolt, and must be given a chance, if we believe in democracy” … more or less that was the vision that this good friend of mine always gave me.

It was not my vision, anyway,… and not long ago, one of her friends, during a Facebook conversation, offered to send me a book called “The Syrian Revolt”, by Fouad Ajami. While still waiting for it, I found an interesting Article in Al-Arabiyah, about how is life in a town called Raqqa, after being “liberated” (?) since 2011… and decided to send it to her:


– Tono

Article:  [Syria’s ‘bride of the revolution’ mourns freedom in Qaeda’s grip.]

Do you still think that Assad is Syrians’ main enemy? Do you still think he’s the main obstacle to freedom nowadays for ur country?. Even if revolution succeeded, you’d not be allowed at all to come back… not at risk of being detained or tortured…. but at risk of being detained, tortured, maybe raped and then stoned or beheaded for apostasy… 

I am still waiting for ur friend to send me that book, but honestly… I don’t think at all that revolutionaries can’t ignore facts as they do seeing only the evil in one side, while they let their country FALL INTO AN AFGHAN HELL. Kurds, christians, turkmen, most liberals and also many sunnis are now against revolution because it changed a monster for a worst devil… 

Your friend asked me what would I suggest?….

Honestly, I’d find a way (any way that avoids further prosecution, that’s all) to reach an agreement with the regime, and then join forces to smash and destroy islamists… would it be a surrender?… yes, maybe, but better to achieve a surrender agreement under international surveillance letting Assad in power (and letting open doors for a reform in the future) than saying NO to any agreement while he stays there… and then keep the massacre on, while the only ones winning are those coming from Lybia, Iraq, Chechnya, KSA, Somalia, and half of the world, forcing the fathers of the places they take to marry their daughters to them, and hence… SETTLING and creating a new social elite in the islamist new society… 

If this happens…. this cancer will NEVER disappear. Or it will last much longer than the Assads. It’s the way they took Spain back in VIIIth century. It can only grow.

That is my solution for it. But of course it’s an unacceptable way…. too many ppl died for the fight… uh? .. IT’S LIKE THOSE DEAD NEED MORE COMPANIONS AT THE OTHER SIDE.

– M. 

send me ur email I have the book.

the revolution was smashed by Assad’s devilish plan. He accused the revolutionaries being islamists from day 1. he brought all this to the country not the revolutionaries. and now they are fighting both islamists and regime.

can I share your message on my wall?

– Tono 

he???? dammit M., do u remember what I told u in Toronto almost 2 years ago??? Who allowed islamists to kidnap revolution??? the regime??? remember what told me by then? “Syrians are not like Lybians or Egyptians, we’ll never let that happen, so let’s give islamists a chance like in Egypt, to see what happens”… 

By then, Mursi was just arrived to power after elections, and I also told by then that it was a mistake, and still, you didn’t accept that revolutionaries were building a golden bridge to these bastards to kidnap the whole process and win. Now you blame the regime again… but I don’t. Not in this. 

I won’t deny the regime has taken advantage of this major strategic mistake. But it was not them who opened the border passes for them…. it was not the regime who celebrated their support and their victories “for the common sake of the revolution”, it was not the regime who made the mistake. It was people like you and your friends, who did. With the best of wills, and the craziest of hopes, but it was not the regime. 

The regime must be simply celebrating that stupidity. 

Since day one. 

Because it maybe created a new frontline, and a new problem… but in this war against islamists, they can achieve all kind of supports, even from the west, in the long term… and for sure it smashed for Syrians the idea that islamism and shariah is an option… it told them that they were wrong when they were asking for a chance for islamism to be accepted. 

So not only militarely, but also ideologically, that support that rebels appreciated so much at first, has turned into their main enemy. Even worst than the regime. 


….and now what?… We keep blaming Assad? …Or America?…. or Israel?…. or the GCC’s? I must insist: he may be a tyrant, and his regime a dictatorship… but this revolution was lost the day rebels built a golden bridge to the first brigade that hold an islamist doctrine, and fought side by side with them. 

That day, islamists all over the world felt entitled and supported to fight against “injustice” and the “heretical rulers” that oppressed poor sunnis asking for help everywhere. And there we go. Share the message if you want, but what for… to send a legion of haters after me?… it’s only my opinion, and I am not even  Syrian.

I am a western european, one who is concerned because I still cannot imagine the consequences that this hell still has to bring to the world, even if it ended tomorrow.

The Palestine tragedy or the Lebanese drama are NOTHING compared to what the Syrian hell will be for history, in Middle East and all over the world. Keep this in ur memory.

And specially bcos of my Syrian friends. You among them.

You , who closed the doors to even dreaming… of returning safely to Damascus, …of showing me the wonders of your land,… or the beauty that now I know it had. 

The reason for this is obvious: If I was you, I’d delete that atheism confession from ur FB wall. Islamists check everything on the net, as u could see in the article. Don’t build them a new golden bridge, please.


The regime started it Tono. It is sad how things turned out. But it was the regime that started the islamists thing. I am not being stuborn, I lived there and saw and heard the lies and saw what they can do. It got out of control of everyone.



(Cartoon: Clock, by Pkuzcy)

and we’ll keep talking… and talking, while Google collects bits of our conversation to feed the discrete need of info of half of the world spionage agencies, may them belong to a government… or beyond nationalities.

And people keeps dying on both sides. 

And we talk.

Hola amigos!… Billy, Dimitri, Ahmed, Faisal, Reza, Shlomo,… Marhaba!

7 thoughts on “Google

  1. Reblogged this on Levant woman and commented:
    three things I learnt in war:
    – Some times, It’s not wise to talk on behalf of people you don’t live with…
    – it’s not wise to stick to some “ideological expressions” and attitudes without revolving 360 degrees around a conflict. seeing things from thousand miles far is not as clear as being inside.
    – in war or in life in general, It’s smart to change your tactic, your goals, so it’s not a loss when you and the one you are fighting with find a way to share a piece of the cake instead of spoiling it all on the floor.

  2. this topic is interesting but I think the Syrians shouldn’t settle with the second best if that includes keep being terrorized by the current regime. The terrorists are frightening but so is Assad’s people.

    • as I said: ” (…) I’d find a way -any way that avoids further prosecution, that’s all- to reach an agreement with the regime, and then join forces to smash and destroy islamists… would it be a surrender?… yes, maybe, but better to achieve a surrender agreement UNDER INTERNATIONAL SURVEILLANCE letting Assad in power (AND LETTING OPEN DOORS FOR A REFORM IN THE FUTURE) than saying NO to any agreement while he stays there… and then keep the massacre on (…)”

      …I truly believe that Assad does not deserve to rule Syria. He has proved openly that his hand didn’t tremble when fighting his enemies, died who died… but I also believe that you can’t transform 4 decades of dictatorial baathism into democracy with any chance of success, if it’s not a change happening from within the regime itself.

      I always thought of the spanish transition as an example to be studied for many of those who started revolts so weakly planified in arab countries. Here, King Juan Carlos was appointed succesor by Franco himself, and our first democratically elected president, Adolfo Suárez, had been the head of the single party that sustained Franco’s regime, same as Baath sustained the Assads.

      Both men managed to transform a personal regime based originally on fascism, and later on personal power concentrated in a dictator, into a modern real democracy that succeeded to last for the first time in spanish history. The closer example in history we had was the republican period, that started in 1931 and crashed after increasing inestability when Civil War started in 1936.

      That war costed us close to 1 million dead ppl, and weakened us enough as to avoid intervening in WWII in the german side. also the post war and the recovery were so painful, that in 1975, when Franco died, not many people were willing to achieve freedom by taking the arms. We had had enough death and hate accumulated for nothing.

      Luckily there was a king that soon gave proves that he was considering to change things. And with the proper supports, he did so…. thru the legality of reforming his regime from inside… he rejected the absolute powers he received, to play any political role out of being the Head of State, mostly a representative figure, same as all European modern parliamentary monarchies are.

      Suarez as well lead all the political process that took 3 years, till spanish people approved in 1978 a Constitution by an 80% popular support. And this is a text that has suffered minor reforms since then. YES… 3 YEARS OF MAKING THINGS PROPERLY IN ORDER TO GATHER, AND NOT TO DISINTEGRATE.

      Because doing things any other way would have meant to impose one side over the other. And that would have been a useless waste.

      Now you know why I’d let Assad in power, with a compromise for reform and progressive change of regime, and a firm surveillance of his governance.

      • And being even more practical… the alternatives to this are shorter day by day :

        If things keep as they are, we may still face years of open war. First with 3 contendants in the field (4, counting the kurds),.. then 2 (3) once rebels or govt defeat one another.

        Then who will b strong to defeat islamists? …ask Iraqis abt that. only ALL together can survive…. or anyone will. So all will have to accept giving part of what they claim, inorder to make their country win.

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