To Hell with Syrian Refugees….

….I know, I reblogged this guy twice in a day but…. how am I supposed not to?? It’s worth a read.

-The T times-

I very recently got back to Beirut after spending 45 days working in the Bekaa, where, tented settlements and Syrian refugees are a sight that you cannot get used to nor forget. As I watched the rain pour down, over a beautiful Beirut city, I remembered things that were completely unrelated to one another: New York city in the rain and a girl called Maha.

Maha is a little 4 year old girl.

Maha is a little 4 year old girl with cancer.

Maha is also a little 4 year old girl with cancer, who is a Syrian refugee, outside her country, living in a tent in the Bekaa.

I met Maha when I visited her tented settlement, where her mother Hana’ and her aunt also called Maha, told us their story.

Maha’s belly started to swell while their village was under siege; they had no access to doctors capable…

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