Same stories, different faces.

Levant woman

“My friend Somar, you are alive and soon you’ll be among your family and friends… I am sure of that… Sure I will see you again”

That sentence above was written by a friend of mine on another friend’s Facebook wall. The guy was supposed to be in “Jobar” a place which was bombed yesterday. They couldn’t hear anything from him since then. The words written reminded me of another guy named “Humam”, an old friend of my brother.  When I mention his name I recall his picture as a little boy. He was a very short boy, much shorter than my brother which made him always look younger than the rest of the boys. He used to come over wearing a white shirt usually and black pants with his brown hair tidily combed from the right to the left like the old days. His white pale skin makes you feel…

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3 thoughts on “Same stories, different faces.

    • My prayers go to all of those people there… no matter their belief or their side. Even those who can be most blamed for fuelling and keeping this fight on deserve my prayers. I pray that they, on both sides reach a point where they notice all the evil they have made… all the crimes and the offense to every human right and dignity. And I’ll pray they do whatever they can to fox it. And then I’ll pray that some day God makes justice when they face Him. As we all will.

      Thanks for stopping by, Laura 😉

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