Change must come from women…. in Israel too!

I LOVE these three women, because they show us that in Israel there are young people who obey their conscience.

They make us proud to be Israeli.

As long as we have youngsters like these, ready to stand up for democracy, peace and justice, take risks and make personal sacrifices, Israel has a future.

For me, they are the real Israel.

Three Women – Gush Shalom – Israeli Peace Bloc.


I have always loved Noa’s voice.

She is also a living proof, (same as other yemenites, sefardis, etc….) that judaism is a middle eastern thing, intimately linked to the arab world, to an extent that political-religious integrist twisting (may it be from israelis or from arabs) cannot reject or deny. 

The mere existance of this kind of sensitivities among Israelis gives us hopes of peace for a future. Maybe they are few and discrete…. but actions always speak louder than words. 

Same as Noa’s songs. Same as the arabic singing jews from Yemen Blues… same as many others who had hopes and a voice to express them. 

Because these are the Israelis that deserve that land. The ones who defend the respect for the same human rights, the same democracy, the same acceptnce for religious and ethnic minorities, the same cultural openmind, the same orientalism and the same tolerance … that made the world approve the Statehood for Israel in 1948. Because it was because of that UN assembly support that it happened, nothing else and nothing less.

And as far as it was under that premise and in defending it that Israelis enjoyed respect and comprehension from us for decades, they must understand that once those values and ways of conduct are not respected, they won’t be accepted as they were. 

Israelis must understand that it’s been a long time since 1948.

Their special consideration cannot last forever, so they cannot expect the world to treat them differently than any other mature “democratic” nation of 2014. 

Nowadays they must understand that if they want to call themselves a democracy, they must behave under the same rules as any other 21st century democracy.

If they don’t do… they will only see people, not governments, but common people, expressing their dissent and their opposition against that.

Basically, taking colonial expansionism of 19th century’s democracies as an example to follow in 2014 is not the way, sirs. 

Shalom! Salaam! Peace!

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